Friday, August 7, 2009

New Generation of Monash Malaysia

I was on the phone with Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah today. And he told me few plans of his:

  • There will be no more Medical School under Monash University. It will be 100%-owned by Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, Monash University decided not to invest in his new plan.
  • An underground tunnel connecting Monash University and Sunway University College.
  • Current parking lot will be extended to become a 2-storey car parking complex.
  • Do you see the beautiful pond infront of Monash University? It will be transformed into a monorail station. Yes, the monorail station will once again operating.
  • This one I'm not so sure of the exact location.... But there will be a 'restaurant jejantas' in Monash Malaysia, connecting the main building and the hostel.
I'm not joking around.. Monash students of latter year are so lucky! I wish I'm still around to atleast witness it.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Three things I plan to do this year...

Coming back to Melbourne!

Max Brenner's Hugmug, Tablet-Choc-To-Be-Melted.. nyum nyum..

Jumpa mereka berdua, Madeleine's!