Friday, June 19, 2009

Three Down, One More To Go

MEC3451 Fluid Mechanics II
MEC3452 Design III
MEC3453 Dynamics II
MEC3454 Thermodynamics And Heat Transfer

Finally I only have one paper left and it is on the 25th! Still plenty of time to study for the paper but as usual I can never underestimate the paper or even feel overconfidence.

Tonight I don't want to study
I'm going to listen to Brooke Fraser the whole night.

You guys should listen to her singing. Not as bad as I thought it would be. Try to download her album called "Albertine" and it won't let you down. Oh, some details about her background.

IN BRIEF (The Espresso Bio)
Brooke Fraser is a singer-songwriter-person. She makes the kind of music that sounds like a pop marshmallow has dropped into a folk hot chocolate and become a warm, spicy chocolatey broth. She has two albums ‘What to Do With Daylight’ (2003) and ‘Albertine’ (2006 - NZ, 2007 - Aus, 2008 - USA) which both debuted at #1 in her home country and between them have reached 13 x platinum sales and achieved seven #1 airplay singles. 2008 sees the release of ‘Albertine’ in North America and Brooke touring extensively with her band of merry men (+ one woman) from June through September.

Released 1 December 2006
Highest NZ album chart placing #1

1. "Shadowfeet"
2. "Deciphering Me"
3. "Love, Where is Your Fire?"
4. "Love is Waiting"
5. "Albertine"
6. "C.S. Lewis Song"
7. "Epilogue"
8. "Faithful"
9. "Seeds"
10. "Hosea’s Wife"
11. "The Thief"
12. "Hymn"

Brooke Fraser - Albertine

Personally I like Shadowfeet, Deciphering Me, Love is Waiting and C.S. Lewis Song. I like the piano arrangement combined with catchy drum plays. To some, this album is not recommended to be listened to as it is categorized under Christian and gospel genre but who the heck will care? Not me, definitely.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mak and Happy Father's Day too

I was lucky to get parents like my mum and dad. They taught me how to live and how to survive in this world. They give me supports whenever I need it (well I think almost everybody will say the same thing about their parents right?). Cut the story short, it was my mum's birthday last Sunday; and it was Father's Day too. It rarely happened so we decided to have dinner outside.

To be frank I was broke at that time, so I can't really belanja them anything this year. Too bad but we still having it next year, HEHE. So I came up with a brilliant idea of asking them both to belanja me and my bro; since it was THEIR special day. =p

Up until now, I am done with two papers (two more to come). Alhamdulillah so far everything went well including my study. I sent my camera to Nikon Service Center and I am expecting somewhere RM200-RM300 just to repair the broken LCD screen. My dad keeps on asking me about D90 and D300; so I figure that he will indeed buy me a new one soon since my bro will be getting new car and I got nothing (pray for me please, hehe). Talking about new car, our garage can't park more than two cars. So if the third one is coming, we need to squeeze the car somewhere else.

Now is the A(H1N1) swine flu season. WHO announced the state of pandemic. Last time they call it was about 40+ years ago. Up until today, 18 confirmed cases already reported in Malaysia. One of them is my relative. Poor him, he is being quarantined and I can't even meet up with him last night when I went to the ward.

That's all for this week. I'll put up some interesting story once my exam has finished. Till then, bye-bye.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Its not wrong to dream about something.. Hehehe..

Brabus CLS "Rocket"


Well I hope to get my hands on these before I turn 40.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mexican Nursery Fire Kills Many

This was taken from BBC News.

At least 29 children have been killed in a fire that swept through a state-run day-care centre in north-western Mexico, officials say.

The fire broke out at the ABC centre in the city of Hermosillo in Sonora state.

Dozens of children were taken to hospital suffering from burns and smoke inhalation. Officials warn that the final death toll may rise.

The fire appears to have started in a tyre depot with flammable materials next to the day-care centre.

"We're still investigating what caused the fire," said Jose Larrinaga, a spokesman for the Sonora prosecutor's office.


Local media say the blaze spread so rapidly that some children could not be taken out of the centre.

President Felipe Calderon expressed his "profound pain" over the tragedy in the centre, which was run by Mexico's social services.

Fire fighters had to knock holes in the walls of the building to rescue children.

Officials said the fire was later put out, but that it may take hours for rescuers to sift through the gutted building.

Dozens of ambulances are surrounding the area with thick smoke in the air, the BBC's Steve Gibbs in Mexico says.

Terrified parents rushed to city hospitals - desperate for news about their children, many of whom remained unaccounted for.

At least 176 children are reported to have been at the centre when the fire began.

The children's age reportedly ranged from six months to five years.

Mexican commentators are already asking why the day-care centre was situated next to the depot, our correspondent says.

Isn't it awkward to place a nursery next to a depot? This would be a lesson to all of us, in a hard way.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Volcano In Malaysia?

Musim exam sekarang ni, jadi nak update blog pun agak malas. Bukan malas lah rasenye tapi lebih kepada takde masa sekarang ni. Since aku dah deactivated aku punya Facebook account last week, aku pun kurang lah online samada dekat msn/yahoo.

Apa yang berlaku minggu ni pun takde lah penting sangat. Tapi aku agak sedih bila dapat tau camera aku yang baru je setahun jagung ni rosak pulak. Jatuh tak, terhempas pun tak. Taktau la kenapa screen dia rosak. Tapi bila aku buat test shots boleh pulak camera amik gambar, tapi takboleh tengok hasil dia la sampaiii lah bila tengok dekat pc.

Hari Isnin, bersamaan 1 Jun 2009; aku dikejutkan pada pagi-pagi buta lagi. Ade satu kilang belakang rumah aku terbakar. Asap dia naik sampai ke langit, tinggi betul. So aku pun capai lah camera aku amik gambar event yang jarang berlaku. Bila on je camera, baru aku tau screen dia rosak......... tapi boleh amik gambar lah.

Kebakaran kilang tu betul-betul habis lepas 2 hari terbakar. Lama gak nak padam, sebab kebakaran dia besar betul.

Sekarang ni aku tengah bodek bapak aku beli camera baru......Alasan dia screen rosak... HAHA!