Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Wishlist For 2010

Another two days before we are leaving 2009! So I better be prepared for 2010 (in term of shopping list of course). I'm a person who doesn't bother to buy new T-shirts or new pair of jeans just to look trendy or a fashionist. So the list would consist of things that I prefer to call 'long-term investment' rather than simply to fulfill my lust. Hehehe..

Nikon DSLR D300 (around RM3800 now)

Why I want this?
  • To fulfill my lust.
  • My current D40 couldn't cope up with me.
  • My uncle is using the camera and I want to buy from him cheap.
  • Bigger camera = Lagi Pro siut...

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AF-S (RM1800)

Why I want this?
  • Good for low-light condition, perfect for photographing events.
  • Sharper image, good 'bokeh'. Bokeh is the blurry effect on background.
  • Gain respect from my fellow kawan.
  • Hot chicks will surround me and says, "Abang gambar lawa la bang~".

B+W Neutral Density Filters (not sure about the price, could be around RM900 for 3 filters)

Why I 'need' this?
  • To expose a photograph a lil' bit longer. In English, I want my photo to be perfectly nice.
  • I'm a so-called-Ansel Adams wannabe.
  • I want smooth flowing sea and river look like photo... haaa.

Any Manfrotto monopod/tripod (free because pinjam from uncle, soon gonna be mine too)

Why I need this?
  • My el'cheapo tripod is no longer reliable to me. I need something sturdier.
  • Currently I have a project that involves night photography. I really really need it.

Tickets To Melbourne and New Zealand (priceless)
I wanna go back there again and photograph some of scenic places I missed out during my stay there. Haih menyesal tak pegi jalan-jalan lagi banyak. :(

And the project I'm talking about all this while is on filling my house with framed-fine-photographs. I want my house to be decorated with photos, lots of' em. Well, so far I only have about 2-3 photos about to be framed. Looking forward for another 7-8 photos for 2010.

The wishlist title should be named 'Photography Equipment Wishlist' instead. Too lazy to change the title.

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